SUN, 04/SEP/2016

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Home TeamAway TeamVenueTimeReferee
Challenge Cup
Ash Construction F.C.

00Kings Utd F.C.

St.Lukes10:30Ryan Chantrill-Smith
The Oxford F.C.

00Bradstow Albion F.C.

Northdown Park10:30Jo Park
Dolphin Top Bar F.C.

00Monkton F.C.

St.Georges School10:30Jack Packman
Drink Warehouse F.C.

00Arrow F.C.

Garlinge10:30Warren Gardner
Lanthorne Rangers F.C.

00The Hussar F.C.

Jackey Bakers10:30Sean Overbury
AFC Westgate United Services Club

00Racing Greyhound F.C.

Garlinge10:30Will Sanderson
Ashburnham F.C.

00Insignia Projects F.C.

Minster10:30Phil Bing
Camden Arms F.C.

00Broadstairs F.C.

Clarendon Fields10:30John Haddock
Evolution F.C.

00Sticx F.C.

Jackey Bakers10:30Alan Sweetingham
HCS United F.C.

00Hugin Vikings Utd

Jackey Bakers10:30Mark Cannon
The Windmill HCS F.C.

00Westgate Athletic

Clarendon Fields14:00Kieran Cox
AFC Hare & Hounds

00East Kent College F.C.

Jackey Bakers10:30Andy Campbell
Baypoint F.C.

00Turner Cars

Baypoint10:30NO REFEREE
Birchington United Services Club

00The York Arms F.C.

Garlinge10:30Frank Empson
Bradstow Rangers

00Keys F.C.

Garlinge10:30Kieran Cox
DS Plumbing F.C.

00The George Broadstairs F.C.

Jackey Bakers10:30Matt Laing

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 3XJ