The league has received the following message below from our former League Secretary, Steve Lancaster, who seems to be thriving in his new role within local football, and as a league we are happy to support Steve with his appeal.

"Thanet Galaxy PDFC is approaching it's 6th year in existence. We have gone from strength to strength and now regularly train 30+ players on a Thursady night on the astroturf at Chatham House School. We compete in the Kent Disability League at three ability levels. I am now secretary of the Kent Disability League as well which is the largest of its type in the country ~ can't get away from being an organiser. Any chance that you get the following release out on the league web site ~ would really appreciate it.

"Thanet Galaxy Pan Disability FC provide structured coaching and competition to players of all ages with physical, emotional, learning and behavioural disabilities in a safe and controlled environment. We are approaching our 6th anniversary in April and the club has grown considerably over the years. We compete in the Adult Section of the Kent Disability League at three different ability levels and are on course for a top 2 finish in each section.
The technical development of the players under head coaches Sam Williams and Lennie Lee ~ both TSFL stalwarts ~ has been nothing short of miraculous and we are now one of the most respected clubs in Kent for the way we run and have developed. We need help. In order to improve our players we need help. We need more coaches. We are regularly train 30+ players on a Thursday night at Chatham House School. Out of necessity we have to mix all abilities together, which is not ideal. We need to be able to create smaller training groups. To do this we need more coaches.
We train every Thursday night from 7.30 to 8.45 on the astroturf.
If you can help us in any way please get in contact with me, or just turn up and see what we do. If you can spare 1, 2, 3 or 4 Thursday's a month we would be really pleased for your help. If you are keen enough we'll take you through FA Level 1 ~ or further ~ and we will get you CRB'd ( a necessity).
I promise you one thing you will love it. It is so rewarding. Mail me on secretary@thanetgalaxy.co.uk or drop by one Thursday".

Steve Lancaster, Founder and Secretary of Thanet Galaxy PDFC "

Published: 10 February 2014


Can all teams take a few minutes to double check the contact details for their Club on the 'Clubs & Players' section are correct. A number of texts/e-mails bounced back over the past few weeks when attempting to let Clubs know about Postponements or Fixture amendments. If any changes are required please contact either the Webmaster or League Secretary ASAP.

Published: 03 February 2014


The respect scores for January have now been added and the table can be viewed in the usual place via the menu tab.

Published: 01 February 2014


Following a theft last weekend at Garlinge, we have been asked by 'Your Leisure' to make sure all teams provide their own padlocks for the Changing Rooms at both Garlinge and Jackey Bakers.

Published: 15 January 2014


We have received a complaint today from 'Your Leisure' to say that following last weekends matches they found that Boots had been banged against the walls of the Changing Rooms leaving dirty marks and mud up the walls. Please make sure Boots are banged off outside the Changing Rooms and use the boot cleaner provided. 

Published: 15 January 2014



Following comments made today and in recent weeks on the League's Facebook page we feel we need to clear things up.

We, as a League, have no say in the Postponement of matches. This is down to Your Leisure for Council pitches and to Schools/Private Owners for the other pitches. Although there may not have been much rain this morning at the time of the postponements, we have had heavy rainfall for nearly everyday for the past two weeks and this has left the pitches in a very heavy state and whilst they may look okay, once you set foot on them you will find how sodden they are. By going ahead with games tomorrow when the pitches were in no fit state, we could've have ruined them leading to losing two or three weeks of fixtures. Most peoples gardens are flooded/waterlogged so this gives an indication as to what the pitches will be like. We want the games to go ahead as much as you do but we have to look at the long term as well as short term. We'd have been public enemy number one if we had to cancel games for a month because the pitches got used tomorrow and subsequently ruined. Baypoint have already said the pitches there are under water and may be out of action for at least two or three weeks yet. The pitches were so waterlogged that the council had been unable to mark the lines. Since the announcement was made at lunchtime today we've had further heavy rain and more is forecast. We get criticised for cancelling games at the last minute or for calling them off too early, we can't win!!!

Any team found to play a 'Friendly' tomorrow on any Council pitches will be severely dealt with by the League. They have been postponed for a reason!!!

There are a lot of people working very hard behind the scenes within this League in order to make sure you can all play and enjoy your football and some of the comments posted here are uncalled for and very much unnecessary. As mentioned when this page was first created, derogatory comments made on this page could well see the poster charged with bringing the League into disrepute and ultimately end up with the page being shutdown. Social Media is becoming more and more important in this day and age in terms of communication but as players as high as Premier League level have found out, it can also lead to being charged for derogatory comments/postings.

This page was created as an informative page whereby keeping all Clubs, Players and Officials up to date with League information, fixtures, postponements and the emphasis was on the positive aspect of Sunday Football. It would be a shame if a few people caused the page to be shutdown but it is currently being monitored very closely and comments which are not acceptable will see the poster dealt with by the League. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Published: 04 January 2014

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 3XJ