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A further two week's worth of fixtures have now been confirmed and can be viewed in the usual places.

The following clubs are not fixtured for the dates shown. Jan 25th -Hotel De Ville, Kings Utd, Lesters FC, & Evolution. Feb 1st - Arrow, & AFC Harpers.

Could all Clubs also ensure they remove all Drinks Bottles, Sock Tape and any other rubbish that is theirs from the Touchlines after the match please.

Published: 14 January 2015

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Once again the Issue of parking has arisen at certain venues, most notably Birchington, St.Lukes & Jackey Bakers. Please do observe any parking restrictions in place. We had the pleasure of receiving a visit from a local Police Officer following complaints of inconsiderate parking at Birchington and this has now resulted in other Police Officers visiting other venues over the next few weeks. Any vehicle parked inconsiderately or illegally will have the registration taken by the Police Officer and handed to us and if it can be linked to a particular Club, then that Club will be found guilty of bringing the League into disrepute leading to fine of up to £50. 

We have also received complaints from residents in Garlinge stating that there have been numerous near misses with collisions where people continue to drive the wrong way up the new One Way system in place by the Primary School. Please take note of this new system as should the Police be there one Sunday morning they'd be handing fines out galore. 

Published: 09 January 2015

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Two more week's worth of Cup and League fixtures have now been confirmed and can be viewed in the usual places.

The following clubs are not fixtured for the dates shown. Jan 11th - Club Caprice. Jan 18th - The Odds & HCS Utd.

If you're playing at Garlinge, please adhere to the new one-way road system that is now in place. A number of reports have been received about cars driving up the wrong road and it's only a matter of time before the police are there issuing penalties. So please drive the right way round to the ground.

Birchington parking is also an issue, and if "inconsiderate parking" continues then the league may lose the use of the ground which no-one wants. Please use your common sense when parking around that area.

Many Thanks for your co-operation and have a great Christmas!

Published: 25 December 2014

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December's respect scores have now been added and can be viewed on the team ratings section on the contents menu

Published: 20 December 2014

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Unfortunately there seems to be an increase in Referee's not being paid after the match. Rules state that the Referee should be paid immediately after the match, but there have been more than a couple of occasions this season where the Referee hasn't been paid, has gone searching for the Home side only to find they've all left. This is not acceptable and those teams failing to pay the Referee have been fined accordingly and we will not accept this trend continuing. Please make sure the Referee gets paid within 15 minutes of the match finishing.

Published: 11 December 2014

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Three week's worth of Cup and League fixtures going up to Jan 4th have now been confirmed and can be viewed in the usual place.

The following clubs are not fixtured for the dates shown. Dec 7th - Wingham Wildlife Park, Holly Tree, AFC Birchalona, Minnis Bay, & Mulberry Tree. Dec 14th - Kings Utd, Arrow FC, & AFC Harpers. Jan 4th - Westwood FC.

Friendly Match not shown on main fixtures - Jan 4th; Northwood Strokes v Broadstairs P & H - St Lukes.

Published: 25 November 2014

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
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