Further to the earlier announcement regarding the withdrawal from the League of this club, it was advised that no player was allowed to register for another club pending the league identifying the total amount owed by them.

This has now been done, and ratified at last nights Committee meeting.

The amount owed totalled £169 and this debt has been divided equally between the affected players registered at the time Dolphin Sports withdrew.

Therefore, please be advised that most of the ex Dolphin Sports players have a debt of £15 each which would need to be paid, by cheque, in addition to their standard £3 registration fee.

The link in the Contents section titled Restricted Players will show which players are affected.

Published: 11 December 2009


Having lost around 100 league and Cup games in total since the beginning of November due to the weather, the council have now allowed us to fixture games on Sunday January 3rd, so we will now only have December 27th as a blank week, weather once again permitting.

If your club has a kit you no longer use, and would like it to go to good use, then you may wish to contact Peter Moore of Thanet Colts who once again is collecting redundant kits and also football boots to go to Tanzania.

Peter would be willing to collect any kits and he can be contacted on 01843-296596 or via e-mail at jmoore64@tiscali.co.uk


If you club would like it's own personalised garments made, with perhaps your club's name, badge, or logo embroided onto it, then a local company "Embroidme", in Northdown Road, Cliftonville can offer you this service on a wide range of clothing ranging from polo shirts, fleeces, hats, hoodies, and jackets.

For more details contact them direct on 01843-299661 or visit their website www.embroidme.com 

Published: 11 December 2009


The new team ratings are now available. By clicking on the link on the menu, you will then see the figures collated by the league from the scores reported by the referees. This is from all league and any league cup games. No county cup games are included.

The score from each game is divided into four categories, with each giving a mark out of 25 to give a total out of 100 -

1. Conduct

2. Sportsmanship of players to opponents

3. Behaviour of players

4. Respect of referees decisions

The total score on the table is all games added together which is then divided by the games played to give an average over the games played. The average score will then give a fair indication of how the team is being scored. All teams should have an minimum average of 75. This is the expected score in-line with the FA respect programme. If you are below 75......... you need to improve ! ! !

A card count is also active. This can be seen on the table against each team. Please note that the league disciplinary committee will soon be inviting any teams who has an unacceptable amount of cards issued against them, to appear before the committee to explain why. We aim to clean our league up and this is one way of achieving this.

The table can be viewed with all teams in the league, or filtered by division.

At the end of each season the league will be awarding good sportsmanship awards to each division for the team with the best score. There will also be an award for the best team from all the divisional winners.

If there is any questions on the ratings, please do not hesitate to contact the referees secretary by email who will endevour to answer your questions.

Published: 20 November 2009


Dolphin Sports have decided to withdraw from the league.

Unfortunately due to some internal administration issues, the club have some outstanding fines still to pay the league, unpaid referees fees and unpaid pitch fees to Thanet Leisureforce which the league will now have to pay.

The total of the amount owed will be agreed at the next League Disciplinary and Management meetings in mid December. This sum will then be divided between the players registered.

Until this time, no players of Dolphin Sports will be allowed to register for any new club.

Published: 15 November 2009


All of the results are now available to view online in the usual places. Challenge Cup results can be viewed on the "Tournaments" link.

All goalscorers have now been received. Many Thanks.

Published: 08 November 2009


The fixtures up to and including November 29th have now been added to the website and are available for viewing in the usual place.

The fixtures contain league, domestic cup and Kent cup fixtures. The home side in the Kent Cup competitions are responsible for all the expenses for both the pitch and referee, whereas the expenses are shared in TSFL cup games.

Good Luck to our remaining teams in the three Kent Cup Competitions, and remember that County results still need to be reported to the league results phone in the usual way, ideally with any goalscorers.

Published: 30 October 2009

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 3XJ