There has been a modification made to the respect table. A number of teams felt that when a low score was given, it was felt this was unfair as there could be a number of factors, a couple of players ruined the game and this reflected in the referees respect score for the entire team, the referee had a bad day etc ! !

So to make the overall average score a more fairer score, after a team has played it's 13th game onwards, the lowest and highest scores are dropped out the average. This is seen as a much fairer "mean average"

If from the 13th game onwards as new scores are added, there is a lower or higher score, the lowest/hightest will be adjusted accordingly.

The table now reflects these changes made.

If any one has any further questions, please contact either the Referees secretary, Tim Amans or Assistant Referees Secretary, Martin Munson (contact numbers available on league officers section)

Published: 11 February 2011


All the results from the Kent Cup, Division Two Cup and League games have been reported and can be viewed in the usual places.

Only awaiting goalscorer from FC De Ville to complete the weekend stats.

Published: 06 February 2011


The next batch of fixtures are now on the website, which take us up to February 20th and can be viewed in the usual place.

The first semi-finals are taking place, so refer to the league rules as far a player qualification goes for these important games.

The following clubs are not fixtured for the dates shown; Feb 13th - British Legion, Coastal Data Systems & Cecils.     Feb 20th - Cramptons, Albert & Sovereign Upholstery.

Published: 01 February 2011


Harpers from Division 4 withdrew from the League on Sunday 12th December.

Their league results have now been removed from the website and the Division 4 League Table has been amended to show this.

They withdrew owing the league a total of £204, of which this was £104 in outstanding pitch fees and £100 for fines incurred from this league.

Each of the relevant Harpers players are now showing on the restricted players list and owe £14 each towards this debt.

The £100 in fines was for blatant cheating in 3 matches this season where they played unregistered players.

Clubs who think they can get away with playing unregistered players normally get found out eventually as in most cases players from the opposing teams know who they are!!

Currently, one other club is being investigated for exactly the same thing!!

Published: 21 December 2010


All of the Challenge Cup and League results and scorers have now been reported and are showing on the website in the usual place.

We've had the first postponements of the season today due to the weather, and historically there could be a few more cancellations in the coming weeks as December and January looms. If your game gets postponed a text will be sent to the mobile numbers you have provided the league as your first and second contact, as shown on the "Clubs and Players" page.

For this reason please check your club contact names and telephone numbers are correct, and any amendments are e-mailed to webmaster@tsfl.org.uk as soon as possible.

Published: 31 October 2010


At last nights league committee meeting the draws were made for the 2nd round of the Challenge cup & the first round of the Divisional cups. These are all detailed below. Dates for the matches are to be announced soon.

Challenge Cup - Round 2

Sheldon Ultras v Albert

Red Arrow East Kent Coatings

The Odds v Canterbury Utd

AFC Thanet v Queens Head

Lord Nelson v Seaview

Eclipse Recovery v Rodney

Sovereign Uph v Northwood Ramsgate

AFC Acorn v Hugin Utd

Pfizers v Racing Greyhound

Sporting Northwood & Mulberry Tree both have byes

Please note The Premier Cup will be drawn at a later date.

Division 1 Cup

Saunders v JR Construction

Preston v Britannia

Ward Flooring v Don Ronaldo

Stonecroft v Ash

Barnaby, Hotel de Ville, Minnis Bay, Port & Anchor  all have a bye

Division 2 Cup

Seaview v Vale Tavern

Social Westbrook Club v Albert

Mulberry Tree v Rodney

AFC Thanet v Thanet Leisureforce

Prestige Ins v The Odds

British Legion, Pfizers, Sporting Northwood all have a bye

Division 3 Cup

Sheldon Ultras v Elephant & Castle

Powell Arms v Coastal Data

Racing Greyhound v East Kent Coatings

Southwich v 9G Design

Canterbury Utd, Eclipse, Lord Nelson & Northwood Ramsgate, all have a bye

Division 4 Cup

Sovereign v Kings Utd

Saga v Clifton Arms

Westgate Social v Harpers

Webbs v AFC Acorn

Cecils, Hugin Utd, Queens Head, Red Arrow all have a bye

Published: 08 October 2010

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 3XJ