Only one club, Bulls Head failed to complete the new online match result procedure.

Well done to everyone else who managed it ok!!......I hope it was a painless experience and has made the whole process a lot easier.

Published: 05 September 2012


There was some confusing on Sunday with the new law regarding the use of tape and other items on socks. I have got this clarified by Kent FA and have posted this statement below for all to read. All referees have had the email sent to them so all referees/players/team officials are now aware of what is expected from everyone regarding the new law.

In accordance to Law 4, (p.21 of 2012/2013 Laws of the Game);

“Stockings – if tape or similar material is applied externally it must be the same colour as that part of the stocking it is applied to”

This INCLUDES ankle guards. These MUST be the same colour as the sock!

It is not, in itself, a cautionable offence if players wear different coloured tape/guards etc. However, if/when you notice this, the following action must be taken;

1. Wait until a stoppage in play.

2. Ask the offender to rectify the problem – you may wish to ask them to leave the FOP in this instance to speed up the process

3. Any player who fails to leave the field of play to rectify the problem MUST then be cautioned for Failing to Leave the Field of Play

Referees would be encouraged to use the Captain at Stage 2, to help deal with the issue.

Kent FA

Published: 04 September 2012


Fixtures for Sunday 16th and 23rd of September have now been added to the website and can be viewed in the usual place.

If you don't see your team name on either of the two weeks, then you've got a free weekend!

Published: 04 September 2012


The results are now all in, and can be seen by clicking on the results link on the left. Don't forget to submit your match result cards online along with your goalscorers, and it'll be a near perfect start to the opening weekend of the season!

On another note, Active Broadstairs beat Bradstow Albion 5-2  in the Andrew Sansom Memorial Trophy at St Lukes this afternoon.

Published: 02 September 2012


.....to pay for your pitches for the weekend by 4pm Friday if you are the home club this coming Sunday. You can pay at Ramsgate Pool, or at the Winter Gardens in person or over the phone with a debit/credit card.

The league "Results Phone" has now been swithched back on tonight for the first time since June in readiness for the season commencing, so now would be a good time to re-check the "Clubs and Players" section to make sure your club contact numbers (and names) are correct, as these are the only numbers that the league will use to contact you should you game for example get postponed etc.

Any amendments/updates should be e-mailed to webmaster@tsfl.org.uk

For those clubs who are in action this Sunday, have an enjoyable game regardless of the end result, and don't forget to text/call in your league results to 07947-475552 by the required "cut off" time which is 5pm.

Finally, following your games in the morning, there's also the Andrew Sansom Memorial Trophy to go along and watch at St Lukes. Active Broadstairs and Bradstow Albion face each other with a 3pm kick off.

Published: 30 August 2012


Over the next few days, those teams who have not received the new team sheet pads will be receiving them. The team sheet is very easy to complete : Home & Away team names, cup or divisional game, date of match, and full list of players (max 16), Then put a tick next to the starting 11 players names. Finally hand completed white top copy to the match referee prior to kick off, blue copy to opponents, yellow retained for future reference.

Anyone with any questions/issues, please contact either the referee secretary Tim Amans or Martin Munson who will be happy to help answer any questions on the team sheets.

If you have not yet received your pads of team sheets by the end of this week, please call Nigel Pope or Tim Amans to arrange delivery of the pads prior to this weekends opening fixtures of the 2012-13 season.

Published: 29 August 2012

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 3XJ