All of today's cup and league results have now been reported and can be viewed in the usual places. Congratulations to The Racing Greyhound on making it to the Kent Junior Cup Final.

Published: 03 March 2013


The next week's worth of fixtures has now been confirmed and can be viewed in the usual place. The extra competitions will start on March 17th for those clubs who are involved with details of groups shown below.

Senior Invitation Cup

Group A - AFC Thanet Dolphins, Cramptons FC & Stonecroft Builders. Group B - Dolphin Top Bar, Eclipse Recovery, & Jack Jones. Group C - Northwood Ramsgate, Seaview, & Signscope Prestige.

Junior Invitation Cup

Group A - Kings Utd, Coastal Data Systems, & Red Arrow Sunday FC. Group B - Arrow FC, Cygnia, & Rodney Reapers. Group C - Adeva Athletic, Mortons Fork, & Pfizer Athletic. Group D - Evolution, Preston Hellings, The Odds.

Junior Invitation Trophy

Group A - Hereson Garage, Hugin Vikings, & Saga Services. Group B - Elephant & Castle, G Casino Thanet, & Thanet Reds. Group C - Bulls Head, Hare & Hounds, & The Orb Sunday. Group D - Monkton, Mulberry Tree, & Westgate Social Club.

Teams will play each other once in the Invitation Competitions, with shared expenses and 90 minutes play only. The top team in each group will progress to the semi-final, along with best runner up in the Senior Cup.

Friendly match for March 17th - East Kent College v The Odds - Jackey Bakers 2.00pm Kick Off.

Published: 27 February 2013


All of the domestic Cup and League results are in, and can be viewed in the usual place.

Only Eclipse failed to report their result as the home side (Thanks to the Greyhound for helping out with that one).

Published: 24 February 2013


The next week's worth of domestic cup and league fixtures covering March 10th can now be viewed in the usual place.

In addition to these fixtures three friendlies have been arranged with the details below.

  • Stonecroft Builders v Eclipse Recovery - 10.30am St Georges School.
  • Hugin Vikings Utd v Mulberry Tree - 10.30am Dumpton Park.
  • East Kent College v Evolution - 2.00pm Jackey Bakers.  

Providing their is not a drastic decline in the weather it is proposed that "some clubs" that are running out of games, will play in an extra competition that will start on March 17th, so watch this space. 

Finally, it's not a mistake on the fixtures, Garlinge is really back in use again!




Published: 18 February 2013


With the start of cup semi-finals on the 24th Feb, the league will as in previous seasons, be appointing assistant referees to the games. This will be subject to referee availability.

Every effort will be made to have three officials on the semi-finals to make the games as fair and enjoyable for both teams. Match fees for the assistants will be shared by both teams as per league rules.

Published: 12 February 2013


All of today's results have been reported and can be viewed in the usual places. Congratulations to The Racing Greyhound who once again progress from their Kent Cup tie.

With the number of clubs who have folded so far this season, and the fact that to date only 27% of the players registered for those clubs have re-signed for new teams. If you're are looking to add to your squad for the remainder of the season, there's players out there somewhere not playing?

Tivoli park residents have complained about the amount of rubbish left behind after games, and the fact that a number of players are using the surrounding area of the pitch as toilets. We don't want to lose the use of the pitch, so if you are fixtured to play there, please clear up after yourselves, and "go" before you leave the changing room. Thankyou.

Just a reminder that you can check your suspensions/yellow cards on the Kent FA website. If you think you may have a fine or suspension outstanding this is the place to find out.

Published: 10 February 2013

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 3XJ