Most of today's Kent Cup and TSFL results have been reported, and can be viewed in both the "League Results" and "Tournaments" sections on the left hand menu.

The following six clubs have failed to report their results today by 5pm and two of these results are still outstanding; Eclipse Recovery Services, Adeva Athletic, Club Caprice, Insignia Projects, Royal FC, and East Coast.

Published: 22 September 2013


This season the respect marking the referees submit for each game has been improved. Teams will now only lose marks for dissent & foul & abusive language. The league understands that yellow & red cards for offenses such as tackles & hand ball and alike is part and parcel of the game and no marks will be deducted.

The scoring system therefore targets teams with issues of dissent/foul & abusive language and this will be a 5 point deduction per offense. This will be shown on the Respect table for all to see. Marks will also be up-loaded on a monthly basis with the first batch of marks due next week to be added to the website.

This is an improvement the league done from listening to the teams last season. If there are further improvements you would like to see to the respect mark, please let the league know.

It's felt the marking is now fairer and penalises those teams with dissent & foul & abusive language issues within the team.

Published: 19 September 2013


The first two weeks worth of fixtures for October have now been confirmed and can be viewed in the usual place.

The following clubs are not fixtured for the dates shown; Oct 6th - AFC Thanet Dolphins, & Arrow FC. Oct 13th - Dolphin Top Bar, & Kings Utd.

Published: 19 September 2013


All of today’s results have now been reported and can be viewed in the usual place.

Only Club Caprice failed to report their result by the required time. 

Published: 15 September 2013


The next two weeks worth of fixtures covering September 22nd and 29th have now been confirmed and can be viewed in the usual place.

The following clubs are not fixtured for the dates shown; Sept 22nd - Lanthorne Active, Social DB Services, & AFC Harpers. Sept 29th - Generation Sports, & Stonecroft Builders.

One futher note is that Mulberry Tree FC have withdrawn from the league with immeadiate effect.

Published: 07 September 2013


As times change and technology moves on we are looking at finding more ways to keep all Clubs, Players and Management up to date with League Information. 

Over the course of the Summer the League has created our own Facebook Page and Twitter Feed. These are provided to post Information that is useful to all Clubs, updates when Fixtures are released, News items and League events.

They are not provided for people to abuse other Clubs, Players & Referees. Any abuse will be removed and the Club could face punishment. Kent FA provided guidelines on the use of Social Media sites and take abuse very seriously.

We, as a League, are doing all we can to make our League an enjoyable one to be Involved in, and ask you make use of the the Facebook and Twitter pages but not in a negative way that will force these pages to be removed.

Facebook page is  www.facebook.com/BelmonteThanetSundayFootballLeague

Twitter Feed is  www.twitter.com/BTSFL

Published: 31 August 2013

Hon.League Secretary - Matt Dixon
65 Balcomb Crescent, Margate, Kent CT9 3XJ